Welcome to the Seavington Web Museum

Welcome to the Seavington Web Museum which has links to the past, present and future of the parishes of Seavington St. Michael and Seavington St. Mary in South Somerset, England.

It is a collection point, historical record and digital archive, much of it created from material donated by residents and relatives of residents past and present.

It is hoped that more people will add to it as old and new experiences come to light. Click on a topic below to take a look.

Latest News


Somerset Heritage Services are preparing a presentation to take round to schools to tell school children about WW1 and how it affected Somerset and the people who live here.  Alan Gillingham’s photo of his grandfather and his horse ‘Short’ is the only photographic record of a horse that returned after the war that they can find!  The photograph will be enlarged and used on a banner.

BOB ASH - Memories of Seavington

Take the time to read some of the memories of Bob and his life in the Seavingtons including Christmas.

SID MALE - personal memories

Read about Sid’s Memories of life in Seavington since 1916