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Gillingham (Alan) - AGI

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AGI284  Alan Gillingham with bike - (Poulet Arms in background) AGI285 The Gillingham family - Roland, Gran, Grandad, Elsie & May with Eva in front AGI286 Grandad Gillingham with 'Short'- a horse who had fought in the 1st WW
AGI287 Grandad Gillingham with 'Short'- a horse he brought back from WW1 AGI288 Grandmother Gillingham (who lived at Upton Farm) with Roland, May & Elsie in early 1900s AGI289 Pea Picking in 1929 - Eva is the small figure in a dark coat (Court Farm can be seen in background)
AGI290 Loading the Reylands truck - L - R Jo Reyland, Norman Osborne, Norman Reyland, Dick Crossman, Bob Pippin.