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Paull (Mary) - MPA

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MPA155 Pond view cottages with butchers shop and slaughter house on the right of the picture MPA156  1916 Rowsell, Warry family group Christmas  Winifred Rowsell, Mrs Gulliford, Emma Warry, Eileen Rowsell, Alice Warry (Mrs Gulliford kept the post office, she used to put on shows for a concert MPA161 Seavington St.Mary - Florence Alice Warry
MPA162 Seavington St.Michael - unknown children MPA166 Seavington St.Michael - Volunteer Inn with children MPA167 1912 Seavington St.Michael  - (note the cottage on the right which stood in the garden next to the pond)
MPA169 Seavington Club MPA175 1905 Seavington Club MPA176 1905 Seavington Friendly Society  Richard Warry nearest the camera with bowler hat, in the centre with bowler Rev. Billings, Mr Vaux in bowler by engine.