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JBL108 Outside school 1958 
Brian Dark, Keith Male, Myra Male, David James, Phillip Gale, Keith Penny, David Eddington, Elizabeth Jeffery, Douglas Eddington, Robert Pippin, Graham Bonning, Beverley Rendall, Michael Swain, Billy Dark, Jane Male, Pauline Pippin, Mary Scammel, Pat Eddington, Pamela Tolman, Gillian Pippen, Jean Pippin, Graham White JFO112 Mayday guests JFO113 1956 May King Brian Hopkins & Queen Sylvia Bussell
JFO114 Maypole Dancing at Orchard Cottage LBO118 1958 May King Michael Sills,  May Queen Mary Scammell
Keith Penny, David Eddington, Pauline Pippin, Gillian Pippin, Pamela Tolman, Graham White, Jean Pippin, Robert Pippin, Michael Swain, Keith Male, Graham Bonning, Douglas Edington LEN127 1938 Seavington school band
MHA416 Miss Kiddle's citation MPA182 1907 Seavington school MPA184  1907 Seavington schoolchildren